how to make a loose shoe tighter?

topic posted Wed, January 7, 2009 - 2:16 AM by  ascendant
its a buffalo platform sneaker, low-top sneaker, the rim of it is under that anklebone that sticks out. if it was a little higher, id have no problem, since my toes are at the end of the front of the shoe, i.e. normally a perfect fit!

but when i walk, even with thick socks, the back of the shoe keeps slipping against my heel. i wore them out once and the pain was so bad i was walking like i had stones on my feet--oddly the blister was only on one heel, i think because i was stressing that foot while walking to spare the other one the same pain.

there isnt a hugely visible space between the heel of the shoe and my foot, but a small one. anything i can do to make it fit tighter?
i already tried using the foot pad that fills up the whole shoe, doesnt help at all.

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    Wed, January 7, 2009 - 5:54 AM
    You can buy little pads that are 'heel grippers' in the footcare section at the drugstore. You stick them in the back of the shoe so they grip your heel better and don't slip. I wouldn't suggest using them without socks though, I've done that and they just tend to rub. But with socks they help grip. They come in a few different flavors... thick rubbery ones, and fabric ones. It all depends on how much space there is between your heel and the shoe. It sounds like the fabric ones would work for you. Also, wear cotton socks rather than nylon or synthetic. They grip better.

    Can you tell I'm familiar with shoe issues?
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      Wed, January 7, 2009 - 7:21 AM
      i bought a small gel heel gripper once, used it for a pair of shoes that was a whole size bigger, didnt work.

      but, if its possible that itll help this problem, im willing to try. i keep buying shoes on ebay and finding they dont fit, arrrrgh. bad habit, but damn its nice to get a pair of vintage buffalos for a good price XD

      do the heel grippers actually fill up space too? cus i need both a a bit tighter fit and to stop the heel from slipping.

      and, about putting something in the front of the, like what? ive tried some random pieces of cloth but its either too much or too little.
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        Wed, January 7, 2009 - 8:06 AM
        They might take up some space, you gotta see how thick they are, there's more than one style. You can also use moleskin, it's a little bigger and cushier. Just make sure you use enough of it to wrap around the entire inside of the back of your shoe, but be warned if the moleskin peels off, it'll leave goo behind (which you can probably remove with some effort).

        As for the front of your shoe, there are little cushions you can get at the drugstore to fill up space there too.
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          Wed, January 7, 2009 - 4:54 PM
          this happens to me a lot (and you don't always realize it'll happen when you're actually buying them) - I have a narrow heel and a very high instep and, typical of many dancers, shoes fit me weird - but I found that you can experiment with the way you tie the laces and often fix the problem completely. It's a bit time-consuming and you have to be methodical but your goal is to have the heel of the shoe actually grip your own hell like it should. Often there are additional lacing holes just off to the side at the top edge where you tie the bow - you can try adding these first - sometimes you actually have to buy longer laces to make all this possible. There's a technique where you kind of lace your shoes upside-down that works super well but the shoes I did that on are at home; since I figured out how to make them work I wear them constantly, they're fabulously comfy now.

          Here's a link to a shoelace tying site:

          scroll down thru the list - what I did with mine was pretty much regular lacing up until the top four holes, and then what I did is similar to Ladder, Train Track on this list, and I see that at the very bottom they have a Lock lacing method specifically to tighten your shoes. Good luck!

          P.S. -- you'll always have to wear socks with these shoes or might still get blisters
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            Wed, January 7, 2009 - 6:36 PM
            Okay, total sidetrack but that is the best friggin site I've ever seen! Okay, not really, but who knew there were that many lacing options! I can't wait to play with some on my playa boots! Hope you don't mind if I cross post this site on the Playalicious Playawear tribe? Thanks!
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            Fri, January 9, 2009 - 9:14 AM
            thanks so much! i tried the lace that alters just the top two holes to tighten and it is definitel better, the shoe is walkable now but still slightly lifting up with each step. not enough to really hinder me, but enough to keep me nervous, thinking they might only get looser.
            i have used the additional lacing holes already. hmm, maybe ill try relacing the entire thing with one of the laces mentioned, only problem is im not sure if my laces are big enough, theyre pulled very tight and dont have much extra lace left as is. ill report back if an entire relacing solved the problem completely!
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    Re: how to make a loose shoe tighter?

    Wed, January 7, 2009 - 4:53 PM
    If you are going to use a gripper pad you want it at the ball of the foot to keep your foot as far back as can be to prevent slipping at the heel. More comfortable than putting padding at the toe. Or just buy shoes that fit.

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